Steve Bungay, Helix ECL

Owner & Director
Helix ECL

Steve Bungay is the founder and owner of Helix Environmental Consultancy Ltd, which is an independent consultancy, specialising in the process design and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants, anaerobic digesters, and liquor treatment plants. He is a practising scientist; dividing his time amongst desk based design work, on-site fieldwork, site-based laboratory work, and working as an Expert Witness. Steve is a Chartered Biologist, a Member of the Royal Society of Biology, and a Member of CIWEM. He chairs CIWEM’s Wastewater and Biosolids technical panel, and is the specialist wastewater advisor for the Foundation for Water Research. Steve is also a guest lecturer at Cranfield University. He has a wealth of experience in the water and environmental sectors, and he works as an Expert Witness in the fields of wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, and odour control.

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