Topics at a Glance

Monetising waste

  • FUTURE MARKET DEMAND FOR WASTE WATER & SEWAGE: Discover which industries need the biological, or chemical by-products that can be collected and re-used. Model the future by-product market by waste-resource type and map out sectors with high supply & industries with growing demand
  • OPEN FOR BUSINESS: A new competitive landscape, how OPEN WATER can impact your bottom line. Now that waste water de-regulation has taken place, industrial waste water specialists will discuss how to make the most of increased choice and water companies will debate how to become more competitive and gain further market share in the effluent treatment industry
  • SECTOR SPECIFIC DEBATE: Hear from industry leaders in the F&B, Pharmaceutical, Paper & Pulp, Mining, Agricultural and Chemical industries about their specific waste water challenges, technological progress and regulation, each sector representative will provide a sector wide round up and discuss their future plans for waste water treatment

Optimising performance

  • TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: Discover the latest treatment available, the technology which can optimise the efficiency of your processes and the best case studies on innovation in the industry
  • PROCESS SPECIFIC PRESENTATIONS: It doesn’t matter if you need nitrogen processing, bio-plastic separation or potassium extraction. With all forms of waste water treatment technology represented, discover the most cutting edge technologies available on the market today and understand how they can add value to your treatment processes
  • POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL PROCESSES: Discover the impact of waste water treatment on the environment, understand how to avoid costly fines, remediation costs and benefit your local community through effective waste water treatment processes

Regulatory compliance and opportunity

  • A GLOBAL VIEW: An international analysis of regulatory reform Understand the changes taking place at a global level, and debate the potential implications and impacts for the industry in the UK. Discuss which reforms, regulations and policies present threats and opportunities for your industry
  • OPEN WATER 101: Everything that you need to know about the de-regulation of UK waste water treatment From ensuring compliance, to technical needs and steps for success – these sessions will give you the low-down and ensure that your business is prepared for the industry-wide changes taking place
  • THE JOURNEY TO 2020: Prepare for de-regulation of sewage sludge treatment coming into force in the UK. Understand what the potential pitfalls will be, possible opportunities and what systems, processes or investments you need to make now in preparation for this monumental shake-up of the industry

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